All REETEC software is based on in-house programmable code and is supported directly by Retriever Technology. Our policy of continuous development ensures that we can respond positively to customer requests for enhancements, amendments and bug-fixes.

Technical support is provided by telephone and email for queries relating to REETEC software. We prefer you to use email in the first instance so that we can consider your problem before responding.

It is often unclear as to what has caused a particular error message to appear on your screen. We can assist with the identification of error message sources, but queries relating to the correct operation of Windows operating systems, print managers, printers and server networks will have to be addressed by your systems support staff.

To assist with speedy resolution of problems we sometimes ask users to send us copies of relevant files by email and some of these files may be large and may be executable files. Be prepared for this. If you have firewalls or content filters in operation then you must ask your systems support staff for guidance and they may need to be involved in the support request.

We may want to talk you through some keyboard operations so please tell us if you do not have a telephone near the relevant computer.

When asking us for help, you can use the contact form provided or send an email ( to give us full information including: product; version number; operating system; details of screen and menu/button/keystroke sequence that produces the error.

We provide support for some of our software free-of-charge but in most cases we have a simple scheme whereby an annual fee payable in advance covers all remote support and upgrades.