A2Z Manager Kaliber-8 QCWIN Q-PAK Easy-FMEA


The QCWin FMEA module shares common data such as parts, suppliers and customers with the other modules. Flags can be set to indicate changes in FMEA data that require review and editing in other modules. Both design and process FMEA documents can be created, reviewed and edited. Review dates can be set to ensure your documents are kept up to date. The FMEA document complies with QS9000 and TS16949.

Development of an FMEA is in 3 stages. The building blocks are the generic FMEAs (single or unit operation FMEAs). Where production involves more than 1 process they can be built up into an assembly FMEA. This assembly FMEA is dependent on the generic FMEAs and any changes to it will be included within the assembly FMEA. The third stage is the multiple FMEA either created from scratch or converted from the assembly FMEA. This multiple FMEA is not dependent on any changes to the original generic FMEAs.

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Sample Reports

By clicking on the following links you may open and view the following reports generated by QCWIN FMEA module.

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Instruction Manual

Download the latest manual for the FMEA module.


We can provide on-site training courses on the planning and use of the FMEA module. These sessions are either a 4-hour or a full day course. The course content is tailored to meet the needs of the company and recognise the level of user experience. The training session can include working on the live database as part of a consultancy into the management of your system.