A2Z Manager Kaliber-8 QCWIN Q-PAK Easy-FMEA


Recall - Remind - Response - Record: A database compliance management system with an asset register plus recall schedules and historical records with filtering, sorting and reporting facilities. Recall is based on fixed intervals. Images and e-documents can be stored in the system. Procedure and certificate files can be linked to specific assets. In addition to printed reports, the system will send reminder emails and text messages to email addresses and mobile phone numbers listed for each item or group of items. Worldwide access to the system is available through web browsers.

Suitable for the management of assets such as equipment, instruments, gauges, tools, people, vehicles or hardware and activities such as inspection, calibration, maintenance, training and health & safety with password-protected access restriction options.

It is based on the award-winning, easy-to-use FILEMAKER database software and can be used in any one of 3 configurations.

1: Single-user on a PC with a database optionally located on a network for security. A single-user licence plus 1 year's technical support costs 300 GBP.

2: Multiple users with concurrent access to a shared database over a company intranet/network. Prices from 500 GBP.

3: Multiple users worldwide accessing a remote UK-based host through a PC, laptop, notebook, APPLE IPAD or APPLE IPHONE plus access through any web browser with minimal customer IT Department involvement. Retriever Technology does all the system administration, technical support, tailoring and security back-ups. Systems can be tailored to individual requirements. Prices from 35 GBP per month plus a setup charge of 500 GBP.


A time-limited single-user version of Kaliber-8 is available to download. This program can be converted into an unrestricted system with a registration code provided by Retriever Technology after a licence has been purchased.

Your web browser can be used for read-only access to our remote host KALIBER-8 sample database using the login name 'Kal8Guest' and no password. To edit the database you will need a password obtained by sending an email request to sales@reetec.co.uk.

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Current Version

Kaliber-8 V3.00 was released on January 9th 2015.