A2Z Manager Kaliber-8 QCWIN Q-PAK Easy-FMEA


A simple risk analysis improvement tool which prepares design and process failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA) documents conforming to most industry standards including AIAG.

You can create, edit, store, preview and print failure modes and effects analysis documents with a facility to create a read-only ADOBE.PDF file containing the document. A tailor-made FMEA program easier to use than a spreadsheet or word processor but just as effective. All the labels and headings can be changed to tailor the documents to your working environment and translated into a language other than English.

A single-user licence plus 3 years' technical support costs:
100 GBP plus VAT for UK customers; 120 EURO or 150 USD for overseas customers.


A time-limited version of Easy-FMEA is available to download. This program can be converted into an unrestricted system with a registration code provided by Retriever Technology after a licence has been purchased.

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Current Version

Easy-FMEA V1.08 was released on May 5th 2011.