A2Z Manager Kaliber-8 QCWIN Q-PAK Easy-FMEA

A2Z Manager

Calibration management software and gauge management software for gauges and instruments covering recall, calibration, events, certificates, R&R studies and historical records with hard-copy and electronic document storage. It can be used to manage between 1 and 5 independent activities in a single database.

Enables users to meet the requirements of national and international quality standards such as ISO9000, QS9000, TS16949, AS9100 or ISO17025 and links to calibration equipment hardware. Prints labels and barcodes. Single-user and network versions. 4 functional levels to accommodate systems from simple recall and traceability up to calibration laboratory standard.

Comprehensive access control with passwords. For Windows-based computers and networks with an ODBC database on Microsoft SQL Server.

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A time-limited version of A2Z Manager is available: request a copy by email(sales@reetec.co.uk).

Current Version

A2Z Manager version 1.23 was released on May 12th 2015 and is available to existing customers who are paying for annual support but please note that a database upgrade may be required to operate this version. Contact us for details. Revision list.

Instruction Manuals

A2Z Manager includes a comprehensive on-line help system and there is also a step-by-step aid for everyday procedures.

Download step-by-step manual. Frequently asked questions: FAQ