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Retriever Technology is a small company which has been developing software since 1985. Initially, all software systems were for engineering and statistical applications.

Early products developed included systems for SPC, FMEA, gauge and instrument management, AQL acceptance testing, measurement and calibration. Software which linked measuring hardware, calibration equipment and PLC-controlled systems was also developed, usually to work with one of the standard gauging or SPC packages.

Retriever Technology worked with a number of companies who manufactured measuring and hand-held logging equipment (such as Avery Denison, Brown & Sharpe, Tesa, Keeling Metrology, QCT, Crown Windley, Solartron Metrology, C E Johannson, Druck, Haven Automation, Modular Automation, Elcometer/Dataputer, Mechtric Engineering, System E) to produce data acquisition and application software linked to this hardware.

An integrated system was developed for plastics injection moulding comprising job control, machine cycle monitoring, tool and plant maintenance, tool control, cost estimating, FMEA, Control Plans and SPC.

These systems have been applied in a wide range of industries around the world:

We have had close links with Isis Informatics who produce the TOOLWARE and ATMS tool management system that works in conjunction with our A2Z Manager calibration management package.

Over the years we have extended our applications with varying degrees of success.

In 2002 we acquired the software business of Halesowen College MicroCentre known as QCWIN Quality Control For Windows. We have updated this and continue to provide support to existing users.

In 2002 we also acquired a Financial Services marketing system known as TRACS from The Mercury Team, which is used by financial services advisers. Again, we are updating the system and supporting existing users.

In May 2003, working with a well-known measurement systems analysis (MSA) Consultant, we released a brand new MSA package MSAnalyst. .

In March 2004 we launched KALIBER-8 : a simple but cost effective calibration management system with a single-user licence costing only 200.

In September 2004 we acquired Q-PAK software from 1984 Limited. This suite, which was originally developed by Oscar Software, includes a range of packages for quality and business process management.

In January 2006 we acquired Teme Business Solutions and formed the REETEC COMPUTER CLINIC to provide hardware, support and troubleshooting services to local computer users.

In February 2006 we launched our PAY-AS-YOU-GO software licences which enable customers to pay for occasional use of our programs.

In June 2006 we launched our WEBSREETEC Domain Name and Web-Site Hosting services which enable customers to operate their own easy-to-maintain domains and email systems.

In October 2007 we formed a brand new company JR COMPUTER CLINIC LTD to take over the business of the REETEC COMPUTER CLINIC to support local computer users.

In February 2009 we launched our KALNOTE email reminder system which works with existing spreadsheets and databases to produce email alerts and messages.

In June 2009 we launched our RTIFACTS contact management system which uses an internet database to provide access to multiple users from anywhere in the world through a desktop, laptop or PDA.

In July 2010 we launched our IFASOFTWORKS financial planning package

In June 2011 we extended the application of KALIBER-8 to include worldwide access to a remote hosted database.

In May 2014 we launched our PLAN-FOR-ACTION action scheduling and recording package .

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Our experience since 1985 has shown that, by providing an excellent support service to users who have invested a great deal of time and money in a system, we enable users to continue to extract maximum value for money from their software.

We still have users using the current version of software first purchased as long ago as 1989 - on a daily basis.

Being a small company very much dependent upon our existing customers, we provide a level of service which usually exceeds that provided by companies many times our size!! We believe that this is why we have survived in an uncertain world and retained so many customers for so long.

We now are concentrating resources upon service and support for existing customers. Development of our existing systems continues, mostly driven by customer demand and technology changes, but we are not trying to change the world with new hyped-up systems.

Indeed, we are seeking to add to our portfolio other mature systems with existing users who would benefit from first-class service and support. We understand software for technical, numerical and statistical applications particularly well.

Having said that, we are finding new customers and evaluation systems can be found on each product page.

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